Santa Maria Estate is located amidst the mountainous and lush coffee region of Mogiana, in São Paulo state, Brazil. Quality and productivity are cultivated here together with social responsibility and respect to the environment.


We have been planting coffee for over five decades, taking advantage of the area’s fertile soil and favorable climate. We have always looked to improve the quality of our product as well as volumes produced in order to arrive at unique results regarding coffee flavors and aromas.


This farm – of long history and Italian descendants − is today proud to produce top quality organic Arabica coffee, maintaining its commitment to the land and its people. The IBD/Brasil and IBD/USDA certifications are proof of that, although to us, the coffees we produce and the smiles on our employees’ faces are far more important.

The mountains of the Mogiana Region house the main coffee producing areas in the state of São Paulo. With fertile soil and good altitudes (over 1.000 meters / 3,280 feet above sea level), it offers the ideal climate conditions to grow coffee.


We work hard, with love and attention to detail. As a recognition for this philosophy and that of so many coffee growers around us, the Pinhal region, where Santa Maria Estate is located, was contemplated with the Geographical Indication (GI) certificate in 2016, granted by the National Institute of Industrial Property. There was a long certification process that took 7 years to complete, where several practices were evaluated, regarding coffee processing (natural, pulped natural and washed systems), traceability and social and environmental responsibility.


We believe that the way we work should bring benefits to all, including society and the environment. This way we can value the Mogiana region, relate to nature in a sustainable way and guarantee the satisfaction of our employees and clients.

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In the same way that we look for balance between nature and the human action, we ally manual labor with the use of machines on the field, to obtain the best results. With care and efficiency, Santa Maria Estate produces approximately 5.000 coffee bags per crop-year of the varieties Tupi, Obatã, Mundo Novo and Red Catuaí. We renovate the coffee plantations periodically in order to guarantee excellency.


All of our production is organic and harvesting is done manually. Harvesting is one of the highlights of our production process. The beans are then slowly dried in a 3.500 m²-patio. Apart from the traditional drying patio we also have a covered patio, where the beans are kept sheltered from the rain and dew. This entire process allows for the conservation of the coffee beans for as long as one year.


Processing is done using the natural and pulped natural methods which highlights the flavors and leads to full bodied coffees, with intense aromas and natural sweetness.


Each stage of our production process is carefully planned to obtain the ideal coffee. It is more than just offering a good quality coffee, it involves preserving the environment, contributing to the well-being of the community and of each element in the chain.


Santa Maria Estate rigorously follows the organic and biodynamic agriculture standards, meaning that no agrochemicals or chemical fertilizers are used on the farm. We also take actions to detox the soil, recompose ciliary vegetation and preserve the native flora and fauna. But it is evident that none of this would make sense without the involvement of the community and of social projects focused in the quality of life for all workers.


For all of its efforts, Santa Maria Estate has been certified by the Biodinamic Institute and received the IBD/Brasil and IBD/USDA seals as recognition. These certifications have international accreditation and attest the excellency of our products and the good working conditions granted to all of our workers and employees.


Our coffees are appreciated in gourmet and demanding markets such as the United States, Europe and Japan, by baristas, coffee houses and coffee lovers around the world.


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